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My Thai Bride is a film that takes the story of an unlikely couple and through subtle analysis extends their human dramas into a moving examination of political, cultural and economic power dynamics. It is a film that destabilises its viewer’s empathy through a nuanced and even-handed portrayal of charged, contradictory terrain, and reframes who exactly is the conqueror and conquered.
Hot Docs Jury on awarding My Thai Bride for best Mid-Length Documentary
We were inspired by its storytelling, which is both entertaining and surprising, and for a first time filmmaker showed incredible ability to instill trust in the subjects. So the winner is; My Thai Bride!
Antenna Film Festival Jury on awarding My Thai Bride prize for best Australian documentary
The Jury highly commends My Thai Bride, director David Tucker as this was the film that stayed with all of us for its complexity, deeply upsetting moral ambiguity about a subject so often stereotyped. It is very well crafted and showed an intriguing transformation of the two central characters – both victims of a global economy.
F4 Jury
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About David Tucker.
David studied psychology and worked in human services before coming to film making relatively late in life. He began by making short documentaries for film festivals and for non-government organisations working in Asia. His desire to make My Thai Bride stemmed from a long-standing interest in the relationship between developed and developing worlds. My Thai Bride is David’s first long-form film.


Director / Producer David Tucker • Writer / Editor Ashleigh Hooker • Executive Producer Michael Cordell • Original Music Darren Heskes • Additional Music Dan Harvey, Luke Tucker • Additional Vocals Tilly Madder, Yahmo Mural, Kapkaew Suwwanakute • Sound Mixer Peter Johnson


Many thanks to... Edward and Tip, Sommo, Mint, Noi, Dan, Larry and Jamlong, Pon and Grant, John, Parwan, Peter and Nariya, Claire Jager and Mark Lazarus of Screen Australia


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