My Thai Bride finalist in 2012 F4 Award

My Thai Bride was selected as one of four finalists in the First Factual Films Festival (F4) Award for Outstanding New Documentary Talent.

The First Factual Films Festival (F4) is a screening program held during the Australian International Documentary Conference.
F4 showcases first films from Australian documentary filmmakers at the start of their careers alongside the first films of documentary masters attending The Conference.

At the awards ceremony on 27 February 2012, My Thai Bride received a special mention from the jury:

“The Jury highly commends My Thai Bride, director David Tucker as this was the film that stayed with all of us for its complexity, deeply upsetting moral ambiguity about a subject so often stereotyped. It is very well crafted and showed an intriguing transformation of the two central characters – both victims of a global economy.”
F4 Jury

My Thai Bride screened twice at F4 as part of the Australian International Documentary Festival, held in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival.

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